Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slovenian Style Polka Music

If you have an hour to spare and you're in a mood for some good Slovenian style polka music, watch the video below.  Underneath the video I am including a short transcript (since the whole thing is in Slovenian language), the list of performers and some information about the musicians.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post. In case I get a good feedback, I'll do something like this again, soon.

Video above - Slovenian style polka music: "Polka in Majolka" (Polka and Maiolica) TV show, recorded at the Faraon (Pharaoh) Hotel in Celje - Part 1

Commercial time is very limited, there's some talking in Slovenian - but for the most part, lots of good polka music by seven polka bands and one individual diatonic accordion player. Enjoy!! :)

  • @ 01:50 new theme song for the 2010 "Polka in Majolka" (Polka and Maiolica) TV show, performed by "Ansambel Azalea" (Azalea Ensemble) and "Navihani muzikanti" (Naughty Musicians)
  • @ 05:50 waltz "Na Golte" by "Ansambel Golte." Golte Ensemble comes from the area or Mount Golte, also a popular ski resort. One of their polkas was awarded the title "most popular polka of the year 2009."
  • @ 10:55 polka "Vroča kri" (Hot blood) by "Ansambel Golte."
  • @ 14:10 polka "Zasuči me" by "Navihanke" (Naughty Girls) - all-girls college students band. The song is about dancing: turn, turn, turn me around...
  • @ 19:33 polka "Študentska je težka" (Students' Life Is Tough) - by "Navihanke." The title of this tune appears to be descriptive enough - it's about the difficult life of the students, especially after too much partying and exams approaching... :)
  • @ 23:25 polka "Moja šoferka" (My She-Chauffeur) by "Mladi godci" (Young Fiddlers) from Horjul.
  • @ 32:47 polka "Naj pesem zazveni" by the legendary vocalist Rudi Šantel and his "Šank kvintet"
  • @ 36:21 polka by "Družina Ferme" (Family Ferme) from Vrhnika (also the town where the most famous Slovenian doughnuts come from). Ferme family is likewise known for manufacturing of button accordions ("Goti" brand). Each of the members (father, two sons and a daughter) plays several instruments.
  • @ 43:10 another polka by "Družina Ferme" - talking about the tough times dad has when his daughter is growing into a young woman.
  • @ 46:55 polka by young diatonic accordion player Domen Hohler. He first started playing button accordion three years and a half ago.
  • @ 50:07 polka performed by "Ansambel Križman" (Križman Ensemble). The band leader (accordion player) is Slovenian, born in Australia. He recently returned to Slovenia and started his own band. To cope with the cold, he goes to the sauna every day - and wears gloves... :) He also writes all the music - and lyrics are put together by band's guitarist, Valentin Antonio.
  • @ 55:43 polka "Moj napev" (My Tune) by "Ansambel Križman"



  1. Thank you for a very enjoyable video. As a life-long Frankie fan, I was really blown away by these wonderful young musicians.

  2. max hutter austria steiermarkAugust 12, 2010 at 3:53 AM

    it a wonderful natural country-art.

    Danke druzina ferme, chef (goti)und seiner

    liebe grüße aus der steiermark und dem
    nachbarbezirk deutschlandsberg.austria

    alles gute weiterhin und viel erfolg !!!

    max hutter


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