Monday, February 15, 2010

Majolika - Majol'ka, Maiolica - Majolica

Photo above: Slovenian Majolka (Maiolica)

I went to the to get some help with explaining of this word:

  • ma⋅jol⋅i⋅ca

    [muh-jol-i-kuh, muh-yol-]
  • ma⋅iol⋅i⋅ca

  1. Italian earthenware covered with an opaque glaze of tin oxide and usually highly decorated.
  2. any earthenware having an opaque glaze of tin oxide.
"maiolica." Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian. 15 Feb. 2010.>.

Photo above: Slovenian majolika (Majolica)

In Slovenia, "majolika" or "majol'ka" means traditional, specially designed earthenware jug with handle, used for wine. It was usually richly decorated (mostly hand-painted, sometimes with ornaments).

Among Slovenian population majolika was so popular that it was called "Krainische Krug" throughout Germanic speaking areas.

Photo above: Slovenian majolka (Maiolica)

Majol'ka got its name after the Italian glazed pottery technique from the island of Majorca.

Photo above: Slovenian majol'ka (Majolica)


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