Friday, April 15, 2011

In a year or two...

This is an example of two popular pop singers Špela Grošelj and Domen Kumer singing a nice Slovenian waltz Čez leto ali dve (In a Year or Two). One more proof how excellent vocals can make a huge difference in popularity of certain genre of music.

The lyrics go something like that in Slovenian:

Čez leto ali dve
bo drugače vse,
le ljubezen najina še bo trajala...

And in English:

In a year or two
everything will be different 
only our love will still last...
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unique accordion

The new season of Slovenia's Got Talent (SIT - Slovenija ima talent) seems to be the talk of the last few days in Slovenia. Poplular and well known folk ensemble Azalea was one of the performers that caught the most attention with their performance and this unique accordion (see photo below).

Ensemble Azalea at Slovenia's Got Talent (Slovenija ima talent) - Foto: Dejan Vrtačnik
The four members of Azalea performed the song Poison in some kind of polka-rock style and the audience loved them - and so did the three judges. Good luck, Azalea!

Here's a video with another polka by ensemble Azalea - from one of the folk music festivals in Slovenia (2. festival za Veliko nagrado Dolenjske, Šentjernej 2010):

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