Monday, February 1, 2010

Bob Kravos - Happy Birthday!!

We had great crowds and lots of fun with Bob Kravos, Walter Ostanek and The Boys In The Band on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at our SNPJ Spring Hill hall.

Photo above: Bob Kravos (accordion), Walter Ostanek (accordion) and John Gerl (drums) playing at SNPJ 778 Spring Hill

Since January 30th is also Bob's birthday and he had to play to himself by himself on his special day, I asked him to play his favorite tune. He chose Moje dekle, beautiful Slovenian folk song.

So, this video below is what all of us created together: Bob Kravos and The Boys In The Band with their music, some ladies with pompoms and baloons, dancers and those who came to just sit and enjoy the happy polka music, all the volunteers making sure everything ran smoothly and myself with my Flip camera:

Video above: Bob Kravos, Walter Ostanek and The Boys In The Band playing Moje dekle, the opening of the dance at Suncoast Dance and Party Center in Spring Hill

This was the beginning of fun evening. We again had quite a few new visitors and before we wrapped things up, many people stopped at my table and thanked me for the hospitality and good times they had. That was very heart-warming, thank you all!

Another thing that made my heart sing was seeing John, helping Nezka at the bar again. Thank you both, John and Doris  Laurich for your help on Saturday. We all missed you very much!!

If you're reading this and are not yet subscribed to SNPJ 778 - Slovene-American Club in Spring Hill newsletter, I'd like you to know that there are two ways to subscribe - and never miss another dance at our hall:

  1. Use the form in the side bar (top right) or
  2. Take a look at the ticket you received when you paid for your admission. On the back of the ticket there's my email - send me a note and I'll add your name and address to the list of subscribers.
Thank you all for coming, for enjoying the food, dancing and music, thank you for buying the raffle tickets and thank you for visiting this website. I'll be adding more stuff daily (have a lot more photos and videos). The latest post is always at the top of the page.

And... one more time: Happy Birthday, Bob Kravos!! :)


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