Monday, December 7, 2009

The Purple Star award

This morning I received the Purple Star award for the third time in a row and I have to admit that it makes my day - sunrise to sunset - every time I receive an email like this one:

Hey Daria,

Good news. Scratch that. GREAT news.

Your lens has been awarded a purple star!

"Green Cleaning Formulas"

Purple stars are awarded weekly to our favorite lenses created by all-star Giant Squids.

Read up on what you get, besides a pretty purple star on the lens and a Lensrank turboboost:

So go ahead and brag about your lens. We are.


The SquidTeam
& your faithful Giant Squid Organizers

Purple Star award is a very special award by Squidoo for the high quality of created webpage. Not too many are given away and not every lensmaster qualifies to have their lenses considered for Purple Star.

Purple Star Keychain
Photo "Purple Star Keychain" - courtesy of glittersparkle14

My first Purple Start award
Click below to access the awarded webpage (opens a new window):
Rosemary Herb

I created the Rosemary Herb lens (webpage) - this past spring. Me and my son were about to give some rosemary herb plants as presents. I propagated them myself and planted them into some neat, decorative flower pots. While I was sure that each and everyone of the recipients will greatly appreciate the herbal gift, I was having second thoughts whether they all knew how to take care of rosemary - or not.

And that was the main reason that I put together this webpage. To include/provide all the basic information on Rosemary Herb care, propagation and use.

Not only did I receive great feedback from several visitors who found the information useful, I also - completely unexpectedly - received my first Purple Star award. It felt like a small miracle at the time...
~ Twilight Tree...  for free ~
Photo courtesy of ViaMoi

My second Purple Start award
Click below to access the awarded webpage (opens a new window):

Do It Yourself Decorative Wall Painting

We lived in this new house for a year or so and I was getting tired of all the walls and ceilings, painted plain white. I started craving for some colors in my home - where I spend most of my time. And here came the solution - an overseas couple that had some ideas about how to solve my hunger for colors.

We started working on the project together and implemented some things that I'd never thought of before. We all liked the results and even after they left, I was still painting for a few more weeks - a little at the time.

I later used the photos to create two lenses on the DIY painting topic since I had a feeling that this was simple enough for many to do - and the ideas were a little different from anything else I was able to find online.

When Do It Yourself Decorative Wall Painting lens received the Purple Star award, I was completely shocked... :)

Violet Star
Photo courtesy of Glenn Harris (Clintriter)

My third Purple Start award
Click below to access the awarded webpage (opens a new window):

Green Cleaning Formulas

I know some things about natural ways of living since taking good care of my environment has always been my lifestyle. One day I realized that there are many people out there who could use some advice on how to keep their homes clean without stocking up on toxic cleaners.

Again, I created this webpage with collection of Green Cleaning Formulas, easy to mix and use for anyone, just because I had a feeling that I had something helpful to share.

For the third time - this morning - the Purple Start award came as a total - yet pleasant surprise!
"Out of this World"
Photo courtesy of * Nina *

My Purple Start award conclusion

I am not a big fan of cleaning - or painting for that matter. The truth is that I would much rather avoid the mess (and cleaning afterwards) - whenever possible. ;)

But whenever I decide to do these tasks, I like to keep them simple and safe and I always enjoy the clean or colorful results very much!

At the same time, the world of plants feels like a sanctuary to me. I go out and spend time with everything I'm growing around my house whenever I feel tired, anxious or overwhelmed. Taking care for my plants puts me at peace and I always have some fresh herbs handy to use on my salads, on my home-baked bread, for cooking or just to put in a vase. And that's one of my sources of life's little pleasures - that never fail to cheer me up...

I'd like to thank Giant Squid Organizers and everyone else who thought my lenses were good enough to receive the Purple Star award - and everyone who ever gave any attention to anything I have ever published online. You are all Very Much Appreciated!! :)
HBW - Underdog or star?
Photo courtesy of -caz-



  1. Wow, I am really happy for you. This is some great news. I loved the pictures, they went well with the text, and were a joy to look at :3

  2. Daria,
    Congratulations on receiving your award. I learn something everytime I visit.
    Nicholas in Ilion, NY


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