Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Done shopping?

If you're now done shopping for all the last minute gifts, it's time to relax and start planning some fun things to do in the next few days - and until everything goes "back to normal"
  • after Santa delivers all of his gifts, 
  • after all the delicious and calorie-rich Christmas goodies are consumed, 
  • after returning the unwanted or unfitted presents to the customer services around the country, 
  • after staying up all night, and all the cheering, toasting and kissing on New Year's Eve
it will be a perfect time to join the New Year's Day Dinner Dance at the Suncoast Dance and Party Center - or SNPJ Lodge 778 Hall on County Line in Spring Hill.

January 1st, 2010

Live music by:
Bob Turcola, Youngstown - Ohio
Line dancing on CD music when the band takes a break

Dinner choices:
  • pork and sauerkraut
  • roast beef
  • kielbasa
Admission (affordable as always!):
  • dinner & dance: $15
  • dance only: $10
  • food served from 12 to 1:30 PM
  • dance from 2 to 5 PM
For dinner choices and reservations call Mary Ann Hiltz at: 727-376-8486
Contact Daria by leaving comment underneath this post.

And - by the way - in case you need a gift for someone and don't have time to shop - or you simply have no idea what to get them, Amazon gift card will make everyone happy. It can be e-mailed (for recipient's instant access) or mailed to anyone's address. I know I would be thankful to get one! :)

See you all on the first day of January 2010. $50 Gift Card (0109)

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