Monday, December 28, 2009

Joey Tomsick

Polkas International  
2009 Annual Achievement Awards Show

By many who participated the  XXII Awards Show at Slovenian National Home in Cleveland, Ohio, on November 28, 2009 - it was nicknamed "The Year of Joey Tomsick" - due to many awards Joey and his Orchestra won:
  • Best Musician - Individual: Joey Tomsick
  • Best Musician - Sideman: Hank Guzel and Phil Hrvatin (both from Joey Tomsick Orchestra - out of 3 selected)
  • Best New Original Polka or Waltz: "Polka Funhouse" - Joey Tomsick / Frank Doblekar
  • Recording of the Year: "Polka Funhouse" - Joey Tomsick
  • Band of the Year:  Joey Tomsick Orchestra

Joey Tomsick and other musicians at the Jam Session at Tony Petkovsek's Thanksgiving Polka Party in Cleveland, Ohio - November 27, 2009
And since there are a lot of current pictures and videos of Joey Tomsick and Orchestra around, I chose to add this video from Joey's early beginnings, when he was only 13 years old, playing his button box for about a year, learning from Frank Yankovic and Joey Miskulin.

Joey Tomsick at age 13 (button box) - playing Joey's Polka on Polka Variety Show, with Frankie Yankovic, Joey Miskulin.


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