Tuesday, February 22, 2011

92 minutes of Slovenian music

Oto PestnerImage via WikipediaIn case you're up for 92 minutes of Slovenian music, click on the link below, lean back, relax and enjoy. This is a  New Year Eve's show "Videomeh" with Slovenian polkas and waltzes, singing at its best by the legends of Slovenian folk and pop music scene, hosted by two popular hosts and singers, Boris Kopitar and Nuša Derenda. 

Other popular vocals some of you might recognize are: Alfi Nipič, Oto Pestner and Elda Viler. Of course Slovenian music show would not be Slovenian without the music by Slavko Avsenik and Lojze Slak. There are a few other bands and individuals worth hearing in that show but I'll let you be surprised. Oh, and there are only a few commercials in that show, produced by Slovenian National TV 1.

Click on the link below, it will open a new window and a very happy music will start playing just a few moments later (depending on the speed of your computer).

Silvestrski Videomeh

Photo above: Oto Pestner

From Wikipedia:

Oto Pestner is one of the most prominent singers and composers of popular music from Slovenia, born in 1956 in Ljubljana. Until 2008 he was the leader of the Slovene vocal group New Swing Quartet.
From 1986 to 1991 and in 1995 he was member of Alpski kvintet (German: Alpenoberkrainer)

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