Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Euro Kvintet

Prekmurska gibanica, traditional food from Pre...Image via WikipediaIt used to be that the first tunes by new ensembles weren't all that good and it usually took them a while to break through and become popular or have a hit song.

I just heard the Euro Kvintet for the first time at one of the recent festivals in Slovenia (the truth is - I don't really know how long they have been around) - but their playing (I'm talking about the instrumental part of the song below) is absolutely superb and a real pleasure to listen to.

I like their name as well - no need to translate, it's international... :)

Check them out for yourself - Euro Kvintet with "V glasbi domači ni meja" (translation of the title would be something like: there is no limits to the folk music):

And the list of Euro Kvintet members:

  • Damjan Pasarič - harmonika (piano accorion) 
  • Aleš Lubi - kitara (guitar) 
  • Tomaž Podlesnik - bariton (baritone)
  • Mitja Skočaj - klarinet (clarinet) 
  • Aljoša Jurkošek - trobenta (trumpet) 
  • Maja Lavrin - vokal (vocal)

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