Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just let me go to the football

Since most of the world seems to be focused on everything about soccer these days, I decided to go with the flow and post some more fun videos for you. Both of the videos below are music videos, inspired by football/soccer. Watch when it gets too hot to be outside (happens quite often to me these days).

First, here's polka "Na fuzbal me pust'" (Just let me go to the football game), performed by "Veseli svatje," dressed in soccer uniforms.

And the second video I chose for today is a new Slovenian sports anthem "Slovenija ima krila" (Slovenia's got wings) - also inspired by Slovenian national soccer team success.

Oh, and one last thing: in case you're a big sports/soccer fan, here's the link to pretty complete coverage of Slovenia at the FIFA World Cup from 1974 till today. Click on the link below, it opens a new window:
Slovenia at FIFA World Cup™ - 2010 Soccer Championship in South Africa

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