Friday, May 28, 2010

Polka Film

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National Slovenian TV made a great documentary  movie in two parts - about things that are very familiar to most of us. It's title is: "Polka film: O glasbi, klobasah in Slovencih v Ameriki" (Polka Film: About Music, Klobase and Slovenians in America."

Part 1 is mostly in Slovenian but there are some popular polka musicians and other well known people of Slovenian heritage interviewed in it like Bob Kravos, Walter Ostanek, Tony Petkovsek, Jan Paulich Jones, Robert Dolgan, Richie Vadnal, Tom Klein, Joey Tomsick, Cecilia Dolgan, Joey Miskulin, Frank Yankovic Jr. and and others.

Joe Valencic is a guide around downtown Cleveland, Ohio, where used to be a real Slovenian neighborhood and some Slovenians living there never learned English because they simply didn't need it.

Part 2 is mostly in English and both parts have lots of polkas and waltzes. For some 40 + minutes of fun and memories about Frankie Yankovic and more, click on the links below, they open a new window.

Polka Film - Part 1

Polka Film - Part 2


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