Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ansambel Osminka

For all of you who are planning to be at the biggest annual celebration of ethnic culture - Slovenefest 2010, held every second weekend of July at the SNPJ Recreation Center in the Borough of SNPJ (Enon Valley), PA - it's no news that there will be lots of popular polka bands entertaining visitors for three days:

Bob Turcola Orchestra, Mikey Dee Band, Dick Tady Orchestra, Fred Ziwich & the ISM, Frank Stanger Orchestra, Karl Lukitsch Band, Don Wojtila Orchestra, The Polka Quads, Jack Tady & the JTB, Eddie Rodick Orchestra, Joe Grkman Orchestra, Bob Kravos Band, Ansambel Osminka (from Slovenia), Ansambel Dvojčki, Jim Rhoades Band, Fairport Jammers, Western Pa. BBC, Button Box Buddies, Joe Novak & Friends, Magic Buttons, Happy Timers, Mahoning Valley BBC, Frank Moravcik Band and likely some others.

The only Slovenian group at this year's Slovenefest is "Ansambel Osminka" which is not one of the best known polka music groups around so I did some research on them and found a few videos - to give you a taste of what to expect at the SNPJ's International Pavilion on Saturday and Sunday.

Video above: Ansambel Osminka - Po nevesto (live)

Video above: Ansambel Osminka - Dixie (live)

Video above: Ansambel Osminka - Pastirček (live)

Video above: Ansambel Osminka - S pesmijo našo (live)

I personally find their playing quite outstanding and hope many will agree with me after watching the videos above.

Members of "Ansambel Osminka": Anija Janežič, Toni Novak, Gregor Budal, Grega Logar, Nevio Prosen, David Dovgan, Miha Ziccardi

Photo above: Ansambel Osminka from Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia

For more information about
Slovenefest XXIX: July 9-11, 2010
click on the link above, it opens a new window.
There you will find a complete schedule of events for this three-day event where you can enjoy the ethnic food, music, culture and fun of Slovenia. See you there!! :)


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