Saturday, March 13, 2010

Slovenian Polka 2009

I'll be away for a few days so I'm sending some energizing Slovenian music your way. :)

First, here's best Slovenian polka of 2009 by Ansambel Golte (Golte Ensemble):
"Če te luna nosi"

The title seems kind of difficult to translate - it's something like "Moonwalking" - you know, the kind that happens to men who are totally in love and all they can see and think about are their sweetheart's hands, touching them.

And if you like Ansambel Golte, here's another one of their polka videos "Če je ljubezen greh" (If love is a sin). It's a happy tune, which is obvious from the video part.

Enjoy the happy music, have the most beautiful weekend and keep smiling!! :)


  1. Daria,

    Even though I had been on the web site several times, I just recently realized how extensive it was. You've certainly put a lot of time into it, and the layout is very well done.

    I'm going to offer a bit of constructive criticism on the web page: I mentioned above that I just found how extensive the web site was. I think that was because I tend to expect navigation links to be along the left side, or across the top, of a home page. Your heading for "contents," which really has a lot of items worth looking at, are pretty well hidden far down the right hand side, unless one does a lot of scrolling and searching (which I had not previously done). I would suggest that somehow "contents," or a link to a contents listing, be visible on the home page without scrolling. Otherwise, you've done a great job.

    Jim Swickard

  2. Thank you for your suggestions Jim! I did move the "contents" toward the top of the right hand sidebar, along with "archives." Will also think about further improvement of navigation and easier search for specific content and your other suggestions as well.


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