Monday, January 25, 2010

Waltz of Love

I've been waiting for an opportunity to take a video of someone playing the Waltz of Love since last Thanksgiving.

Finally, this Saturday (January 23, 2009) Frank Moravcik with his group of musicians granted my wish and here's the result to enjoy - for everyone who loves one of the most romantic Cleveland-Style songs of all times - that received the title of
"2009 Greatest All-Time Hit Song" 
(2 elected)
at the XXII Polkas International Award Show in Cleveland, Ohio.

Video above: Waltz of Love performed at SNPJ Spring Hill Hall on January 23, 2010 by: Frank Moravcik (accordion), Pete Oberson (guitar), Kurt Harfmann (drums) and Bill Rochon (accordion)

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The song was originally written in 1965 by a young accordionist Stan Blout who was playing with Joe White Orchestra.

Stan Blout wrote Jacqueline Waltz and another one that didn't have a name. The band played both of these tunes at engagements.

Lyrics have been added to the unnamed waltz for an appearance on TV's popular Polka Varieties show. They were written by Jack Tankovich, saxophone player and vocalist. The song soon caught on as the "Waltz of Love" and Joe White Orchestra released a 45 rpm recording of it.

Joe White turned his band over to Stan Blout in 1966. In 1969 The Stan Blout Orchestra released Polka Sounds of the 70s album, featuring the Waltz of Love. It soon became a waltz standard and has been recorded and played over and over again for the past four decades.

Lyrics: Waltz of Love

We danced the Waltz of Love through the night,
I kissed your lips and held you tight.
I asked you to marry me, forever one to be.
We danced the Waltz of Love and I know,
my love for you can only grow.
Take my lips, take my heart,
promise me we'll never part
as we dance the Waltz of Love.

Waltz of Love
Composer: Stan Blout
Lyricist: Jack Tankovich

Hit Recording:

  • Stan Blout Orchestra
  • Album: Polka Sounds of the 70s
  • Label: Delta International
  • Year: 1969
  • Stan Blout, accordion
  • Jack Tankovich, saxophone
  • Dennis Marold, bass
  • Lou Pavlik, drums
  • Al Markic, guitar
  • Frank Piccirillo, piano
  • Key of G, D
  • Time: 2:44
Other recordings:
  • Joe White Orchestra
  • Bob Kravos and the Boys in the Band
  • Hank Haller Orchestra
  • Joe Novak
  • Verne Meisner



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