Monday, November 16, 2009

Polka music future

Lately, there's been a lot of discussion (at the meetings as well as certain newspapers) - about Slovenian Style (Cleveland Style) Polka music losing it's followers and popularity in United States.

For some reason this kind of statements don't resonate with me so I did some research.

See for yourself (below) what kind of polka music and performers I discovered.

Video below: Marko Mikiš (button box) and Nick Pehan (vocal) performing for the TV show "Polka in majolka" in Jarenina, Slovenia

Video below: The youngest Turbo Folk Group from Zg. Velka in Slovenia, Turbo Veseljaki: Sara, Teja, Jernej and Marko
performing live on "Polka in majolka" show.

Glasba - music by: Marko Mikiš
Besedilo - lyrics by: Mitja Grmovšek

And the conclusion?

I am quite confident to say that for as long as polka music is performed with such enthusiasm and virtuosity by the youngest generations in the crib of the Cleveland Style Polka - in Slovenia, polka tunes and dancing will live and thrive.

It's all in spreading the word and promoting the happiest music known to man.

You too can help - by telling your friends and family about this post. Thank you!! :)

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  1. Very interesting. Good to know Cleveland style polka is being kept well and alive in Slovenia.

  2. Thank you so much. Maybe if we get this out to our younger relatives, it may stir an interest.


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