Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Polka music future continued

Response to Polka music future post - by Walt Harfmann


This past summer we went to Slovenia, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic, as you know.

We were stunned, in Austria, Slovenia, and also southern Germany, at how many young people are very interested in Folk music, or as in Austria & Germany, Volksmusik.

From our last visit in 2001, to this trip, 2009, We would have to say that there is at least a ten-fold increase in the interest of Buttonbox music, Folk music, and Polka music in general, however, true European style.

There are even studios, that teach buttonbox accordion that are new on the map since 2001. One we visited, teaches 400 students a week, in Austria, and they have 8 more studios around Europe.

The crowds at the festivals proved to us that this isn't going away in Europe, but increasing by big numbers.

It is very refreshing to see young people in parts of this world who are deeply interested in their heritage and customs.

Not everyone in this world is only interested in Rap, or being what you are not!

To us, this was re-assuring to know that our heritage, music, and customs, will survive in part of the world. If only some of our young people in America would take an interest, instead of poking fun at their heritage.

We realize, that at this time in our culture(America), their have been many mixed backgrounds to form the current generation, but there are also many close to one, two, or three heritage background people of the current generation, who also don't know about, or even care about, their heritage.

With this attitude, America will become an even more "Lost" bunch of people. Probably why we have so many problems here at home.

Walt Harfmann
S.N.P.J. 778
Spring Hill, Florida

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  1. As far as polka music, it will never die; that I'm a firm believer. What more would you want to hear than Slovenian music featuring polkas and waltzes.


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