Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Canada's Polka King WALTER OSTANEK and BOB KRAVOS at SNPJ 778

Canada's Polka King WALTER OSTANEK

dance event

will take place at the Lodge hall 
on Saturday, January 31, 2009 
  from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Admission is $8.00

For more info, tickets and reservations call 
Mary Ann Hiltz at 727-376-8486

Food and cash bar available both days

For more scheduled future events at SNPJ Lodge (Suncoast Dance and Party Center) visit  

About Walter Ostanek

'Ladislav Walter Ostanek, C.M.[1] (born April 20, 1935), is a well known accordionist from St. Catharines, Ontario where his family settled as a boy.
Young Walter received his first accordion as a gift in 1944. After several years, Ostanek became a popular entertainer in Southern Ontario, performing Cleveland-Style Polkas and Waltzes. He could be heard frequently on the radio in St. Catharines and Welland.
In 1963, Ostanek and his band, Walter Ostanek Band, would record their first of many albums. Over his career, Ostanek would become known as Canada's Polka King. He has received three Grammy Awards and he has been nominated thirteen times. His style has been compared to America's Polka King, Frankie Yankovic of Cleveland. As was the late Yankovic, Walter Ostanek is of Slovenian descent.' (from Wikipedia)

About Bobby Kravos

'Bob was born in Cleveland, Ohio into a full-blooded Slovenian family where the heritage of Slovenian-American style polka's flourished.  Bob is the great nephew of the legendary Polka King Frank Yankovic, who popularized the Cleveland-style of polka music and made polkas attainable for all ethnic peoples of all ages.  At the age of six, Bob saw his great-uncle playing the accordion on stage and decided he would like to do the same.
Bob's greatest musical mentors were Frank Yankovic and another legend, Joey Miskulin, who was a member of The Yankovic Band playing second accordion for many years. Bob was honored with a grant from The State of Ohio to take lessons with Joey while Bob's great-uncle Frank would also periodically stop by the house and give him a few pointers. Frank Yankovic taught him how to be an entertainer and Joey Miskulin showed how to do excellent finger work on the accordion keyboard.  Bob is known for his accordion runs and fill finger work repertoire
Right out of high school, Bob traveled with Frank Yankovic for a period of seven years. Bob played all across the country with Frank, from California to Maine & Alaska. With Frank, he had the opportunity and the pleasure of opening for some famous artists, such as Marie Osmond, Bob Hope, Florence Henderson, Slappy White and Rich Little, and many more.  Being with the Yankovic Band, Bob also did television appearances on "The Polka Variety Show".
In 1987, Bob formed his own band, The Boys In The Band which plays a wide variety of music.  Though focused on Slovenian-Style polkas they also enjoy performing country, pop, swing, rock, and more.  Bob's Kravos-Style music is a twist between Yankovic, Rodick, Vadnal and his own Kravos flavor.  He has recorded on over 69 recordings and counting, including 16 CDs of his very own!
Bob is a prominent entertainer in the Cleveland area. Bob's name is mentioned at the  top of the list for "good music". Bob has been featured on a number of local television stations here in Cleveland.  Ohio's largest newspaper "The Plain Dealer" did a small bio feature on Bob playing his accordion at the Severance Hall grand re-opening and McDonalds had Bob's sound track on one of their new sandwich ad commercials.
Bob is keeping the heritage and tradition of polka music alive and fresh and he puts his heart and soul into his music. He plans to play as long as there are places to play and there are people who want to hear his music. Bob remains and will remain one of the best.' (from http://www.bkboysintheband.com/gpage.html )


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