Friday, April 3, 2009

Long time - no see

I owe you all an apology - for not posting anything in such a long time. All of a sudden I got so busy that I hardly had time to sleep... :)

Let me share with you what I was up to:

  • I finished this page about two beautiful vacation spots in pristine area of Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains - wonderful place to unwind, relax and breathe deep the fresh mountain air - and even more so if you appreciate freshly baked  goodies like famous muffins and coffee from well known Mercier's orchard shop nearby. Take a look for yourself by visiting Blue Ridge Log Cabin Vacation Rentals

  • If you're concerned about the quality of the air you breathe inside your home - there are affordable  natural helpers out there - to get that part of your house cleaned up. Check them out at Best Indoor Air Cleaning Plants

  • And my biggest, most challenging and most time consuming project in the last two weeks was designing this new Inspirational Art Gallery for the highly reputable, well established website. The first author featured is a very talented professional photographer from Slovenia, Borut Peterlin. The feedback he received for his photos during the first day after the gallery went live - was simply outstanding. But why am I even talking so much? You must see these art pieces for yourself! Visit  Borut Peterlin - Portraits of the Artists
And last, to bring up some nice memories of the fun past events of the season 08/09 at SNPJ Lodge 778, here's the photo of musicians - every one of you should easily recognize... :)

Photo of Walter Ostanek and Bob Kravos playing at SNPJ Lodge 778 on January 31 of 2009 - courtesy of Nick Dudish
Big thank you to Nick Dudish for helping me out with the photos of events!

Catherine F. - I didn't forget anything I promised to you.

Richard L. - I have a CD for you - with the music that will melt your and your wife's heart.

And just so you all know, I have plenty more photos and videos of this season's events that I haven't published yet. I promise to use all the good ones in the upcoming posts and some new pages.


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