Friday, April 4, 2008

Best-Seller Written by Two Slovenian Authors

Excerpts from the foreword (written by #1 Best-selling author, Dr. Joe Vitale) of the book titled The Millionaire's Mindset:

"Mr. Boris Vene co-authored this book with Nikola GrubiĊĦa, another internationally acknowledged marketer. It is difficult to explain how well this book did in Slovenia just by sheer numbers. It has sold 10,000 hard-copies on a 2,000,000 market (the population of Slovenia) without any direct marketing, only word-of-mouth and articles of praise that were printed in Slovenian newspapers (not promotional articles)."

2,000 of these 10,000 copies sold were purchased by Slovenian business-men that chose to give it away to their business partners as a gift (the book sells for $30 USD here in Slovenia), it's also at the top of the Amway recommended reading list (but the book itself is not on multi-level marketing). We are also just preparing an e-book version of the book for the Slovenian market, and the hard-copy is just entering its third release with 1,000 pre-orders before the book even entered print.

"This book undoubtedly has great potential for the US market. Based on Slovenian sales we could even expect sales from 1,000,000 to 1,600,000 hard-copies sold in the US."

Click Here to read about the American version of this electronic book and endorsements it received from famous people from around the world!

"Here was a book with how-to techniques, positive philosophy, an up-lifting message, and a practical bent to it. It talked about human nature, as well as business and even spirituality. It was like the best of every business and self-help book I had every seen while still being entirely fresh, new, inspiring and practical.

And this book sold where? In Slovenia? I had never heard of it before. I'm told it's a small country right above Italy. Well, if it's near Italy, it's got to be good.

I quickly decided that I wanted to be the one to bring this book to Americans. After nearly a year of translating the book, refining some of the book's messages to be clear for the Western audience, and settling on our deal, I'm proud to say the e-book version is done.

But there's also something else wonderful about this book.

It's been blessed. A famous spiritual teacher, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, signed the front of it. You'll see his digitized signature in the book. In a sense, he infused the book with his own magical power. That alone, for a book touted to be pure business, is rare.

Any way you look at it, you're about to read a treasure. Let it touch your mind, stir your soul, and awaken "The Millionaire's Mindset" within you."


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